Oh my god. Oh my god.

People, we have been sucked into an alternate universe. It's not enough that our president is a cretin, we had to hand over our richest state to one, too. I can't even conjure up an appropriate string of curses. Seymour says we should have taken Ahnold seriously. HOW THE FUCK COULD WE? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!

How is it that we liberal freaks are immune to the mind-control rays emanating from The White House, the ones that turn loved ones and family members into Republican party line-spouting automatons? Does it have something to do with overconsumption of coffee? Shit, maybe now is not the time to nix the java.

I can't deal with this new breed of Republicans, their bold-faces lies, blatant corporate loyalties, and policy-raping. Surely, I've been a bit distracted what with all that's going on with Leelo, but will someone please tell me what Bush has ever done right? Not just in his presidency, but in his life? Besides exercising every day. I really do want to know.

{silent weeping}

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