Leelo Post: Insert Expletive Here

Leelo is not well this A.M. He was up past midnight just generally being miserable, then resumed fussing at 7 A.M. this morning. Bob the Builder calmed him down for a bit, but he lost it anew when Therapist F arrived. We tried more Bob as a distraction (bless Ep and her donated video) and it seemed to work, so I snuck out and drove Iz to school. I returned to a tear-streaked little boy slouched against his therapist's chest. When I picked him up, he whimpered "I love you mommy" for the first time in aeons. Oh, the heartstrings! We agreed to lose the day. Still trying to reach Therapist L, so she doesn't get stuck with bridge tolls unnecessarily, but her cel phone must be turned off.

Sad about Leelo, but excited about having the house to ourselves for a morning since that never ever happens anymore. But then I remembered that Supervisor M is supposed to come and work on Leelo's program binder in preparation for next week's 10 week program evaluation. I called and told her he was sick, but she said that she didn't need to work with him directly and could come anyhow. Damnitall.

More evidence that his program is working: this morning I asked him where the "owie" was, and he patted his head. So, off to the traditional pediatrician we haven't seen since April, and whose scrutiny I've been dreading (not DAN or ABA friendly). Just heard from a friend with an Asperger's child that Dr. G bounced her from his practice because she wouldn't vaccinate her new infant before 1 year. Worried that Dr. G (or his prickly wife/office manager) will try to give Leelo that last vaccination we've been avoiding. Aaaigh. I guess I should call Dr. Prattle, our DAN doctor, for advice on how to negotiate with a traditional pediatrician.


Fucking Blogger/Blogspot. When the fark are they going to reinstate upgrading? Grumble grumble grumble. I could of course host images on one of my sites, but we just consolidated all our NetSol accounts with real world info, and I am too bushed to deal with extricating and anonymizing a single account. I have read far too many of Ep's trashy crime/mystery novels, and so am too paranoid to connect real names with this blog. SJ and Layne, they gots the cajones I lack.

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