Leelo Post: Megadosed

Now that we've added twice-daily vitamin C capsules, our Leelo's daily supplement regimen has apparently crossed some sort of palatability barrier. He is refusing to take his juice cocktails--even with other fluids withheld, the nasty-tasting selenium on hold, and the doses spread out through the day. I guess we'll just keep plugging along, and hopefully he'll get used to it like he did with the icky rice bread and super-tart dried raspberries. Puts our chelation on hold for a while, though, as he'll need to be on at least a two-week course of selenium before the treatment begins.

Good language today. In the Llaves super market, he spied some jack o' lanterns and yelled out "I see the pumpkins! The pumpkins are orange!"

Supervisor M just told me that she thinks mainstreaming Leelo into a typical preschool is not something we should approach just now, that mainstreaming is typically done after children have been in ABA for at least 6 months. Whaaaaaaa? No one has ever told me that before. She seems to want to put him into an additional language-based small group preschool for 3+ kids. Andil, Leelo's program's QA supervisor (the person Supervisor M goes to for advice and support) told me long ago that kids like Leelo need typical kids as models, that once they're three they need real world social situations to learn from. Sheeit. Now I don't know what to think. Except that I'm sleepy and it's time for bed but Leelo got an afternoon nap so he's still going strong even though it's past 10 P.M. and I hope Seymour enjoys his cushy company hotel room. Bet you he'll stay up all night watching mountain biking on cable.

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