The Free Market Sucks

No one has bought anything from my shop! Come on, people, you know you want some butt floss decorated with my brother's company logo. Or a frisbee featuring Ep's Max riding Shamu (and yes, I know that the orca's fluke looks like a fishtail, so don't bring it up again).

Leelo Post:

Tomorrow's the big day. Checking out the preschools and doing everything in my power to sway Leelo's team's favor in Iz's school's direction.

Therapist F reported that during today's session Leelo had zero incidents of self-stimulatory behavior or non-purposeful play. First time ever.

His listening--and in particular his response time to a request--is improving daily.

After dinner he told me that one of his new trucks looked like Bertie the Bus, who was not present during the discussion. "Really?" I said "And what color is Bertie?" Leelo looked men the eye, and said "Bertie is Red!" Ah, parents of typical children, you've no idea how incredible a feat of extrapolation this is.

Worried about Iz. She is a rude little girl. Interrupting I understand somewhat even if I don't condone it--she's four and it's hard to wait. But the way she responds when addressed--as though she's doing the addresser an extraordinary favor so they'd best get to the point--rude. Conversations about rude vs. polite tones of voice and eye contact during conversations are being met with hands placed firmly over the ears and a declaration that "I don't want to hear about it!" What the fuck, is she thirteen already? This girl's teen years are going to be too much fun.

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