Leelo Post: Can You Hear Me Now?

You'd never imagine that having an almost three-year-old boy comply with the request "pick up your truck and give it to mommy" could make a parent so happy.

As little as two months ago, our boy responded appropriately and consistently to only two commands: "Time for a bath" and "Hold my hand." He would boss us around a lot, in a limited fashion, e.g., "I want toast" "Watch Tubbies," etc., but he almost never listened to us. Now he responds almost every time by at least turning to us and thereby acknowledging that he's being spoken to, and about 70% of the time does as asked. Great, great, great.

Last Friday he went for an Occupational Therapy evaluation, to see if he needs any help with fine or gross motor skills. I was in the room for the entire process. Now, I have no idea how he scored on the OT side of things, but what floored me was his responsiveness--he didn't know the woman, but followed almost every direction she gave him, with only the occasional minimal prompt! So exciting, for us.

Today at his BioSet appointment the practitioner declared him "cleared" for glutathione cream. I'm glad he's desensitizing to all these supplements rather slowly, since each addition is a hit to our orbit and we restabilize slowly. Still trying to figure out how to get him to take Selenium--it is derived from mustard and, based on Leelo's responses, there is not a friggin' thing you can do to camouflage its horrible taste. He is still sensitive to DMSA (chelation drug), D-something (digestive enzyme), cod liver oil (lucky boy), vitamin B12 (another good thing, it's a home injection), and vitamin C.

Iz is doing great in her part of his program--we are teaching her and her friend R to do NLP (Natural Language Paradigm) with Leelo, and the girls are amazing. They're even drawing up their own little pictogram schedules for their sessions, and keeping track of his responses.

All said, it's been a good week for considering optimism.

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