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That's it. Going off coffee. Lately it's been making me all wired and shaky like a chihuahua, and I can't concentrate. Need to concentrate. I have important things to do, peoples' lives to save/wreck, etc. etc.

What is up with my complexion? Someone hit me in the face with buckshot. Was reduced to wearing a floppy-brimmed hat today, and tried to refrain from face-to-face contact as much as possible.

Things discovered at the excellent Indian grocery downtown: You can microwave papadums instead of grilling or frying them, and they'll come out perfect! Mango kulfi pops--mmmmm. You can get wristloads of sparkly bangles in little girl sizes (Iz starts pogo-sticking). If you enter the store after not having visited for several months, you will get chewed out. And ah--henna paste comes in little pre-fab tubes. My brain had purged this information. That's how I used to do all that body decorating.

Me then: puffing out my chest, daring anyone to comment on my tattoos/piercings. Me now: Someone comments, I drag my mind back from the haze and think Huh? Are you talking to me, and why? What could you possibly comment on? Give that person a truly quizzical stare, then remember that oh, yeah--I am the person you're talking about. Or I was, anyhow.

You will never see me write about sex. Catholic upbringing, too uptight. Mention it, watch me blush. I can rhapsodize about stick size; acknowledge that yes indeed Leelo did have fun looking at all the brightly colored merchandise at Good Vibrations; tell my daughter that it's okay to whack off, everyone does it but they usually do it when they're alone, not when they're watching Magic Schoolbus with their friends; all that. But any discussion of me or my needs or being in the act is never going to happen. FYI.

U.S. Senate Bill S.722 must be defeated. Read and decide and, hopefully, take action.

Made scrumptious Leelo-friendly dinner tonight. You can tell I'm really trying--it was meatloaf (kneading ground beef--shudder) and I am a vegetarian cook (though I am an omnivorous restaurantgoer). Roasted vegetable salad on the side--ooooh, so good. Leelo: My face is covered with a puddle of green slime that renders me incapable of smell or taste, yet I can tell from the look on your face that you are offering me POISON POISON POISON.

Must get more sleep. Off now.

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