Formal Diagnosis

I just dropped Seymour off at the airport. He is going on a long weekend of man/bike love, with Floyd.

Leelo's formal evaluation report from Stanfford was sitting in our mailbox when I got home. My initial impressions are that it was extremely thorough, and that I'm glad the two psychiatry professionals sat down with us for an hour at the end of the evaluation and told us what their findings meant. That verbal take was much friendlier and optimistic than the cold, dead, diagnostic words in the written report, which doesn't specifically mention that they consider him to be a high-functioning autistic even though that's what they said.

If I hadn't had a prepatory conversation beforehand, and given the bruised mood I'm in, the report could have easily had me tailspinning. As it is, I'm still having a big comfy bowl of cereal and letting the kids rot in front of one of those See How They Grow!!!! videos.

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