This Is My Only Journal, That's Why This Entry Is Only of Interest to Me

Leelo always seems to come back to earth after a good, long run around at a park with Leelo-friendly playsets (lots of climbing structures and bouncy bridges). Nice to see you again, little guy!

After we got home terribly late because Daylight Saving Time is here and who ever would have guessed it was past 7 P.M., he had some great language: Spontaneously asking Seymour to play "Big Eye," saying "Daddy...is Seymour!" "[I am] Drinking water." "Go in the water?" (Oooh, that'd be the hot tub, Badger. You might want to discourage his interest.)

Iz had a great time in her drama class. I however almost fainted from the shock of seeing not one but two of my least favorite parents ever, hovering nearby: Chemically Imbalanced J (former parasite to Jo), and Dragon Lady S (she who disparages certain public schools to parents whose children attend said schools, oblivious to the fact that caring parents still do send their kids to public school; also she who got pissed off when I declined to recreate Iz's birthday party for her daughter's special day--she offered me MONEY, what the fuck was my problem?).

Thankfully Nora, next-door neighbor and mother or Tea, was also there. I love her. She always has the best stories to tell, and doesn't mind a bit of nasty gossip.

Iz, in an act that shows she may be picking up this kindness thing after all, announced that she wanted to do TV Turn Off Week in solidarity with her cousin Danielle, because it would be "only fair." She was also inspired by an episode of The Tick, which ended with The Human Ton's puppet Handy yelling "C'mon, Kids! Go read a book!" (and which led to a discussion of how evildoers do on occasion speak truths).

She changed her mind as soon as we got home, but I'm holding her to it, because we don't break our promises, and because "it wouldn't be fair."

Of course, the moratorium will only be in effect when she is both home and awake.

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