Phoenix: Revised Opinion

I am still angry with Phoenix for having swallowed up two of our very best friends, Floyd and The Little Flower (TLF). However, after last week's child-free sojourn there I am now willing to admit that the place does have its charms, and will no longer refer to it via a string of prefacing expletives.

Of course, its two main charms are: 1) TLF and 2) Floyd. I will never stop missing them. They are soul buddies on the wavelength of two other friends who ran across the country carrying big chunks of my heart--Dee and Giddy. It doesn't matter how long it's been since I've seen any of them; we drop right back into the conversation as though there were no separating months or miles. Which is good as TLF and I spent seven hours waiting in the ER for a minor injection that I should have gotten before I left home, and we were never bored--we had each other! Fade to sunset.

So. Anyhow. Phoenix. It has cool native botanical gardens and they were all abloom. So beautiful I almost fainted. It has SoCal style Mexican food (drool, gurgle). It has The Phoenici@n, where TLF and I got all stupid-girly with the facials and crap, and got kicked out of the Meditation Chamber for chortling too loudly. It has The Store That Must Not Be Named but which is based in The Netherlands, where I got Leelo the cutest damn shark shorts ever (although, as Iz pointed out, try to say "shark shorts" five times, fast. Ouch, that was a jaw muscle). It has grapefruits popping off the trees all over town. Ahhh, fresh grapefruit juice. These are all things that, with the brood in tow, I'd not noticed before.

I suppose we can go back.

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