Weekend Schedule Addendum

Firstly, I should make it clear that I am delighted beyond words to get to spend so much of this weekend in the company of Seymour's parents, grandmother, and other relatives. They are good folks. That part got left out of the previously whiny scheduling post. I'm just still tired from last week's vacation.

Secondly, I want to express my deepest thanks to and affections for Ep and Clyde, who took on Iz for the nearly five hours it took the bridal shower to fructify. Our girl got to see ladybug larvae, and Clyde taught her how to play cricket. All apparently much more fun than anything she expects us to be able to come up with--she sobbed like a wounded ghost when we arrived to take her away.

In other news, Seymour and I had a detailed discussion before he left. It mostly concerned the best way to keep me from biting his head off--praying mantis-style--should he come home from an event or trip later than I expect him to. This excellent new preemptive method consists of 1) giving me a reasonable ETA and 2) If the ETA turns sour for whatever reason, calling me as soon as this is discovered, rather than three minutes before the expected arrival.

Reason being that I get totally psychotic if I think he's flaking on me. He can go away for as long as he wants, if he returns to relieve me on time. However, if he's tardy, I begin shrieking and clacking my talons, and he rarely gets away unscathed.

Truly, it's not his fault that he inhabits his own space-time warp bubble, and has in the past considered ETAs to be soft estimates, whereas I considered them etched in stone. We understand each other now. And he has an open ticket for tomorrow, as requested. I'll see him when I see him. As long as I know that ahead of time, it's totally fine.

I hope he kicks ass in his race tomorrow morning.

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