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My favorite local radio station, KCEA, never ceases to delight when they go trawling for archived oddities (their occasional Lawrence Welk benders are less delightful). Today's head-cocker was a strings-and-tinkly xylophone version of What's New Pussycat. Occasional vocals were supplied by an Yma Sumac sound-alike who dropped in for bits of the chorus. Lots of fun.

If you've never seen What's New Pussycat, shame on you. It's got Tom Jones singing the theme song, Peter O'Toole at his most luscious, Woody Allen at his most tolerable, Peter Sellers, Romy Schnieder, Paula Prentiss, Capucine, Ursula Andress, and a supporting cast of sexy red heads...what are you waiting for?

Other things going on today:

Despite dual alarm clocks, both Seymour and I slept in past 8 A.M. this morning. Iz's school starts at 9 A.M., Leelo's speech therapy (10 miles in the other direction) is at 9:30. Made it somehow, thanks to Seymour who helped even though it made him late for work.

MB came and visited while I sat in the speech therapist's lobby. Rah!

Came home from Leelo's speech therapy session to find a voice mail from my friend the children's TV producer. She has a break between projects and is damned if she isn't going to whup some writing out of me during the next few weeks. She expects me to return the favor. Shit.

Iz's drama class starts tonight. This could be either a very good or a very bad thing.

Leelo continues to be remote, unreachable, and loopy. I have no fucking idea why, but he's not getting away with it. I'm going to be on his little butt all day.

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