Justified Unease?

Yesterday as I was half-assedly helping celebrate my friend Wombat's birthday, he told me that he's been reading my blog. My reaction: blank stare. Huh? He has never once commented.

Seymour says I've no right to feel odd about a friend reading a public blog without commenting. It's public. I know, I know. But it made me feel like my fly had been unzipped for hours and no one had told me. I know I'm being stupid.

Regardless, if you know me in real life and you are reading this and have never commented, please do so now or I will never forgive you.

Very much enjoyed the rest of the party, trying to figure out if one of his friends knows MB's spouse (answer: "Do you know how many engineers work at our company?"), gorging shamelessly on Wombat's home-cooked Indian delicacies, and checking out honeymoon photos from Australia, which, of course, included many photos of actual wombats looking cuddly.

As always in these situations (W. and Co. are geeks of a much higher order than I, similar to Badger and Rook) felt totally unworthy. Must make an effort to see them more often. Sigh.

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