In Which I Rule

Those of you who interact with me in person know that, socially, I make efforts to be extraordinarily polite. If someone says something offensive to me, I generally shrug it off or change the subject in my slow-burning pussyfooting way.

Not today.

Today I was in a foul mood, and decided that I didn't really feel like making small talk with Dragon Lady S each time I pick Iz and Tea up from drama class. I hate S. I think she's a thoughtless, ignorant asshole. I see no reason why I should waste time pretending I think otherwise.

So, when she started trying to engage me after class, I let her have it.

S: "Wow, is Tea really the same age as my Gemma? But Gemma is so much taller! Is Tea in kindergarten, too?"

Me: "Yes, she goes to Fenry Horde. Her mother chose that school, even though we live in the Flipper school district." [bait set]

S: "Really? You know, we had to move to Featherton to get out of the Fenry Horde district." [bait taken]

Me, looking her straight in the eye and not smiling: "Yes, I remember you talking about that. In fact, you were talking to several Fenry Horde parents when you told us that."

S: Makes face of mock horror.

Me: Turns around and collects girls without saying another word to S.

I'm not sure she gets what an ass she is--but I suspect she realizes that I think she's an ass. And I doubt she'll reapproach me for chitty chat.

I consider myself victorious.

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