Seymour has been gone for two bedtimes. Tomorrow we remaining three drive to Hell Lay and then San Dieggy to meet up with him. I'll be back around Easter.

I don't think the kids are happy to be stuck with solo grouchy mom. Leelo asked for Daddy all morning. Iz said my bedtime story last night sucked (probably because it had a not-too-happy ending about what happens if you give into nagging--your magic powers go away! I am such a sucky mom sometimes--last week she made a breakfast face out of two fried eggs and two pieces of bacon. When she pierced the yolks with her fork, I started yelling "My eyes! My eyes!").

Anyhow. Mostly today has been about frantic packing and erranding, though Iz and I managed to plant some Columbines, Badger and Moomin brought us a bag of horse puckies for our compost bin (and shoveled it, too), and I got to have dinner with my dear favoritest baby cousin (she's 26). She's in town en route to home in Vancouver B.C. after 15 months in Japan, and has showered the kids and me with all sorts of Totoro paraphernalia.

Iz is mad at me for not wanting to get up at dawn so we can chase the sunrise as we drive south. I love her, but fuck that. I'm exhausted.

Quote for the day: "Mommy! I'm well hydrated! My pee-pee is totally clear!"

Leelo was totally looped and largely unreachable today. Depressing. He did do some great interacting with Badger, though, demonstrating how exactly he bonked his head on our concrete driveway last week.

Blessings on Ep for agreeing to feed and water cats, fish, and motley assortments of plants while we're away.

I am losing mental cohesion. Time to hit the sack. Have a great week.

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