Leelo and Iz on a Hot Sunday

It was my turn to work in the church nursery today, so I got to see Leelo express his affection for Zee, a playmate, by boxing her ears. Niiiice. The childcare staff adores Leelo, though, and they all really make an effort with him. Bonus: they didn't kick him out!

We decided to reintroduce soy today, via Vegggie Booty, which used to be his favorite snack. I was worried that he might reject it after not having had it for so long, but no fear--he hoovered it up and then begged for more kale and spinach goodness. I think it tastes like hamster food, but am grateful that he eats it.

He is still completely fucking nuts. His verbal responses to others are mushy and sporadic. We put him to bed 45 minutes ago, yet he's still throwing a one-man party in his room as I write, cackling and jumping and banging and running out the door just to hear me say "Leelo, go to bed!" Which he does, for 15 seconds. WTF.


I don't know how most kids ask their parents about sex, but Iz's query this afternoon was "Mommy, how do humans mate?" Thankfully she distracted herself before I stopped sputtering, saying she was going to look it up in her dictionary. But then she got sidelined in K, at a knots diagram. Whew. I'm going to read that talking to kids about sex book tonight.

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