I'm reposting something I wrote in the comments, as I've gotten a lot of reactions to my rant about the irresponsibility of ABC News re: mercury, vaccines, and autism.

I am not against vaccines. I am against news agencies patting their viewers on the heads and telling them not to worry when in fact they should be telling them to do research and then decide for themselves.

Mercury and vaccinations have not been proven or disproven as catalysts for autism, in my opinion. However, were I ever to again be in charge of an infant's health, here is what I'd do:

-No vaccines in the first year to eighteen months.
-Possibly no Whooping Cough vaccine ever.
-No multi-dose vaccines. Single vaccinations only (e.g., Measles, then Mumps, then Rubella).
-Verify that each vial contains no Thimerasol (mercury preservative).
-No more than one vaccine per month.

I am not sure if this ideal is even feasible, since I've not tried it out personally. I know it's possible in the U.K., but you have to fight for it.

Following this path also means that the child will be kept out of most daycare or infant classes until vaccine requirements are met. Not an easy choice to make, especially for working parents.

I would enjoy hearing others' takes on this matter.

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