This Weekend's Schedule

I am still mewly and woozy and wiped from two weeks' worth of low-grade illness. As a result, I am less than enthusiastic about our plans for the next three days:

Merlin to come over to keep Iz company with Leelo and C the world's most fabulous babysitter, while Seymour and I have dinner with Seymour's folks and grandmother. We will give them our beautiful new family portrait (Thanks, Barak!). I will probably find everything on the menu unappetizing.

Brunchtime bridal shower for Seymour's cousin's fiancee. I will be sequestered in the event room with "the girls" and will know no one but Seymour's mom, who, as the host, will be a mite busy. I'm sure there will be a lot of wine, though, and that always greases the social skids for me.

Seymour will hang out in the bar with "the boys" and also our kids, because I've not been able to find babysitting. Not surprising, since we only ever use one babysitter, and she does on occasion have other things to do besides run after our children.

After the shower, Seymour departs for an overnight trip to Monterey and his first ever mountain bike race. Go Seymour!

The rest of us depart to Seymour's aunt's house for h'ors d'oeuvres and frantic child watching, as Auntie J has a legendary crystal miniatures collection.

I go home, collapse, and consider not giving the children a bath. Oh, wait, I have to, because...

Early brunch with Seymour's folks and grandmother. Followed directly by early afternoon birthday party for one of Iz's classmates. Ep offered to take Iz but I am such a nosy git that I must go see their big new fabulous house for myself. Hope they don't mind Leelo tagging along and destroying everything in his path.

Get home late afternoon, collapse, let kids watch as many videos and DVDs as they want, and pray that Seymour comes home soon.

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