Aye, Doctor

Leelo went to the Ophthalmologist today. Fun! Yeah. I'd misremembered him as having an okay, compliant experience during last year's annual visit, but no. They had him down as fighting every single test. As he did, again, this morning. Our boy does not like having his eyes dilated.

Dr. C is a talented and perky pediatric specialist, and so was able to get most of the data she needed by hand instead of via the machines. Though she said that if he ever goes under general anesthesia for anything, she'd like to come in and take a really good look at his peepers.

I told her about Leelo's abnormal EEG for pre-seizure brain activity. She took a look at indicators for swelling of the optic nerve (which can accompany those symptoms), and said he was all good. No swelling. Though if he ever does need to go on seizure meds she wants to examine him for the same indicators.

I told her about his increased squinting, and asked whether it could be visual or sensory-seeking. She said that from what she could tell his vision was fine. She also said that with non-verbal kids she relies a lot on function, and since I said he was able to find small objects easily, and hadn't recently started being unable to find things he used to find, that it's probably not visual.

One downfall of the move to PAMPERS is that they have their own pediatric ophthalmologist and so didn't approve using Dr. C. Good thing clever Seymour set up a medical flex-spending account and we can still see Dr. C without getting dinged.

Which is good because Iz has to see her tomorrow.

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