Spitting Nails at the Heavens

Here's something I'd rather not have found out on the last day of camp:

Iz's tennis camp breaks every day at 11:00 for--bible study. Bible study! And not a critical reading of the bible, no. Rather a "God created the heavens and earth so there were no dinosaurs" mystical crap. THIS WAS NOT MENTIONED IN THE VOLUMINOUS CAMP DOCUMENTATION. Swimming, lunch, bring sunscreen--that was all there. The part about ambushing my kid with Pentecostal Christianity was SOMEHOW ABSENT.

I am incredibly angry at this slimy underhandedness. When I pick Iz up at noon I will ask the staff why I wasn't informed about this part of the program. Once I get my answer I am going to post a warning on the local parenting boards. What a fucking ruse.

And thank heavens (heh) she's a clever girl with a questioning mind, that she loves science, and that she's been going to Unitarian Sunday School for most of her life. She told Seymour that she knew what the coaches were saying couldn't be right, because she herself has seen dinosaur bones.

This explains a lot of why Iz has been so quiet about this camp! Usually she is all abubble. I am glad Seymour took her out for breakfast this morning, where she relaxed enough to tell him about it. Can you imagine the stress of being a six-year-old kid, dependent all day on adults who bombard you with a foreign ideology? Jesus fucking Christ.

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