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My heroes at Wampum speak out on autism and thimerosal in vaccinations, wondering why most people (liberals too) just won't believe the government fucked up on this one.

My opinion on the subject changes daily. I am not sure if Leelo regressed, but I doubt that all those maercury-laden vaccines helped if he was already genetically predisposed to developmental delays. Looking at videos of Leelo from way back I see him do and hear him say things he no longer does, but I also see a slightly odd boy.

Leelo seems more remote than ever. Doesn't want to read books, play with me, play with toys, sing songs, draw on the magnadoodle, jump on the trampoline--nothing. He wants to go for walks with his daddy and go swimming with his daddy, and fidget with Leg0s and put them in his mouth. That is about it. So of course we need to change something in his program, and have started giving him epsom salts baths. If nothing else, they are supposed to be calming and might help him and his co-bathing older sister get the fuck to sleep within 45 minutes of being tossed into their respective beds.

Seymour ran into a woman at the pool today who has a 8-year-old recovered son. She told us that Leelo seemed pretty high functioning and that she thought his chances of doing well were excellent, though the next two years would be rocky. I still have my doubts due to Leelo's inability to grasp anything complex or non-concrete but it was still nice to hear.

Feel sorry for Iz, she had all sorts of science and chemistry experiments that she wanted to do this weekend but we were always lacking at least one critical tool or ingredient. Also the experiments book was published in England which often had us at odds as the British illustration label she would read to me did not match my mental image of the Yankee tool (their "jug" appears to be our measuring cup, etc.). And WTF is "laundry booster"? Here in the U.S. I believe it is usually borax or baking soda, but I'm not sure either will cause the crystallization effect she's going for.

Iz's school Esperanza starts in four days. They just figured out who the new principal will be last night (good news: the retired founding principal is returning). No families have received any information about anything except families of kindergarteners. Is the first day of school going to be a short day? Quien sabe. Did they hire enough 2nd grade teachers? Will Iz be in Violet's class?

V. amused today at the Esperanza ice cream social as Violet and Fifi tried to persuade their mom to let Iz come spend the night. Except their mom had been in Africa for a month, had just spent two and a half days traveling from the Z***ian bush, and in fact hadn't even been to her own home yet--her family picked her up at the airport and announced that they were going straight to the school.

Mali is cute as a button but stays up too late and is nursing a lot at night. Probably we should give her more solids but she's not always in the mood for them. Prefers to spend all her time trying to crawl, or rolling around. Alert, social baby. Starting to reach or raise one hand out to greet people, enjoys showing them her toys. Pores over everything. Nice to have a baby who is transfixed for a good while by a sock or a hairbrush.

There has been a lot more going on lately, very exciting news some of it, but Seymour and I are both completely burnt and I cannot marshal any more typing energy.

Though I did manage to finish the new HP6 in less than 48 hours. Who wants to discuss?

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