WWJD? He Wouldn't Start a War, That's for Sure

(Forgive the simplemindedness of this passage. I am not a philosopher, but I try to be a humanitarian.)

My friends are probably tired of hearing me bring this up, but: I am convinced that most modern Super Duper Chri5tians wouldn't recognize Je5us if he walked up and bit them on the ass. I believe that, were he to appear among us today, he would be a freaky hippie hanging out at a homeless shelter or similar place of need. Most people who profess to love him so much? Five dollars says they would slam their fancy doors right in his face, were he to approach them in an attempt to spread his Word.

I rarely encounter a Believer who practices unconditional love, tolerance, compassion, charity, or service, let alone all at once. If they do embark on one of these acts, they always have a church or personal agenda; they erect hoops that the objects of their beneficence must jump or crawl through. I wish these people heeded Je5us's words instead of fucking up the world in his name.

Most irritating are the ones who feel any action of theirs is justified because they pray publicly and frequently, and so consider themselves to have a special direct line to the Almighty. They crow about their goodness and good deeds. They thank Je5us for their lovely lives and fat bank accounts. Apparently without a camel or a needle's eye in sight, with left and right hands not only aware of what the other is doing but working together to grasp what they can while pushing the less blessed--the exact souls Je5us would seek--out of the way.

And no need to mention my hatefulness and divisiveness in calling out these hypocrites. Nor am I proposing a big Je5us love-in. I simply think that he, like Mohammed and Buddha, had a lot of wonderful things to say, and that many of his most ardent followers just aren't hearing it.

Surely there has been a good novel written on this subject, on Je5us appearing in the here and now and being persecuted not by his enemies, but by his myopic followers. If not, then someone needs to write it.

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