Post-Tennis Brouhaha

Check out the interesting comments about Iz's tennis camp fracas on both Jo's and Badger's sites.

The aftermath on the home front was this:

1) I left an angry voicemail for the tennis camp director, letting him know that I understand she was taking tennis lessons at a Christian facility, but that since the bible time was not included in the camp description, I felt deceived and that we would not be coming back.

2) Violet's mom laughed at me for not knowing that that was part of the deal. She had called them up and grilled them about it, and they finally admitted to that yes, there might be some religious instruction. Needless to say her girls camped elsewhere.

3) I sent a warning to the Deadwood Moms Club and Iron Gate Forum:

Hi Folks,

I did not find out that my six-year-old daughter's
PQQQ tennis camp included daily religious "tabernacle
time" until the very last day of camp, when she told
her father about it during breakfast.

I am extremely angry that this part of the camp was in
no way disclosed beforehand, particularly in the camp
brochure's daily "sample schedule." We would not have
signed up for this camp had we known.

Obviously the camp is taking place at a church
facility, but, as a non-member, I had no knowledge
that religious curricula were incorporated into the
sports programs. They were not part of the swim
lessons my daughter took last year.

Though I do not agree with the church's policies
(e.g., barring membership to Hindus and same-sex
couples), I support their right to do as they please
within their own facilities. However, I thought I had
the right to be informed about these policies
beforehand. I do not believe Jesus would have approved
of such subterfuge.

Hopefully this will help prevent other families from
making a similar mistake.

4) One of the coaches called back coincidentally right after I sent the email above, promising to put the entire schedule in the documentation for next year. He said that the goal is to have shared story time, that it is such a camp tradition that they "forgot about including it in the schedule," that they try to say "this is what we believe" as opposed to telling the kids that it the truth, and that they are not trying to convert anyone. Right.

He also said that they try to stick to Old Testament stories so that they won't be offending any Catholic or Jewish kids. Nice take on religious diversity!

He did also say that they loved having Iz at the camp, and suggested several onsite tennis programs that do not include happy bible time.

I think we'll stick with their swim lessons only, as they are the best in the area. Seymour wants to avoid the place altogether.

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