Off to Hawaii in two days! Iz is looking forward to exploring volcanoes, Leelo is going to spend the entire time in the pool, Mali will be showing off her sporty new pink sunglasses, Seymour will be birding/stargazing, and I will be eating spam spam spam spam eggs rice and spam for breakfast every day.

Iz overheard me singing a jolly tune this morning, and sang it back to me almost verbatim. I told her I was fudging one line, but then we arrived at Jo's house and Jo assured me that "I chop down trees, I eat my lunch, I go to the lavatory..." was indeed correct. So Iz is merrily running about singing verse one, and telling us that she's "off to the lavatory..."

She and Tea spent a good deal of time arguing over exactly what the Martian Girl in the aqu*bats song is doing, and why she is wearing silver underwear. I told Iz that I didn't understand how she could be Martian if she was from Planet V. "That's exactly what I was wondering!" said our girl.

Iz's turn at the eye doctor was today. She's all good. Ordered new glasses to replace those she lost at Violet's.

Leelo had a fine day, demonstrating lots of potty prowess for visiting Supervisor Andil, both at Iron Gate and at home. Showing us all how he no longer needs a potty ring or food reinforcers, a regular toilet and praise will do just fine, thanks.

He hugged Iz when we got home from our errands. Sweet boy.

Mali is achingly cute. Her legs go straight up in the air when she's happy. She has figured out how to be a quadruped in terms of lifting her entire body up on just hands and feet. Still has no idea how to get to a sitting position herself. If you lift her over your head she makes her happy pteranodon croak/squawk. She now really really really loves toys. I have discovered that she will eat almost anything mixed with 50 percent applesauce. And I have to admit that I have been slipping her Cheeri0s for three weeks now--they turn to mush, so no harm or choking hazardousness to my way of thinking.

Today's schedule. Does it appear as exhausting as it was? I went more than 12 hours straight with literally no break.
-Woke up late, was forced to choose between shaving legs and washing hair
-Ferried Iz to Jo's for camp pickup
-Worked at Iron Gate
-Brought Leelo and Mali home, handed Leelo off to Auntie F (dear!) as I had to pick up Iz early from camp, as well as Tea since her dad had an appointment in the afternoon
-Got Iz and Tea from camp. No mere appear and extract--actual hiking was involved.
-Rushed to Iz's ophthalmology appt. 15 miles away
-Eyes examined. New glasses ordered.
-Girls hungry. Drove through Evil Incarnate (BK). I had forgotten to eat lunch so every nasty bite was ambrosia.
-Took the girls to The Hole because our house lacked edibles. Also I needed to make a meal for a new Iron Gate mom.
-Arrived home to get notes from Therapist L and greet Babysitter A and hand off Tea to her dad
-Dropped off assembled rather than cooked meal to new mom in Saint Charles
-Came home and assembled same meal for my family. Or me and Seymour, anyhow. Iz rejected it for a pure fruit dinner, Leelo of course wanted only croissant or almond butter sandwich, Mali ate peas and apples.
-Joint kid cleaning dressing reading to and tossing in bed
-Crazy trip planning

Those of you who remain coherent under stress and despite bone-deep fatigue, I salute you.

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