Leelo had been projectile vomiting since yesterday afternoon. No bad moms coffee for me this morning.

He seemed fine if somewhat mellow when I left him in Babysitter A's care last night so that Iz and Mali and I could go have a girls' dinner together. Mali used the opportunity to demonstrate that the sushi restaurant has a fantastic echo--she yelled with cheerful gusto almost the entire time.

When I returned, Leelo and the exterior of Seymour's car and the driveway (but thankfully not Seymour or the house) were covered in vomit. Babysitter A had run away as fast as she could, moments before I left. Apparently the barfing was preceded by a horrific meltdown over coveting a neighbor kid's bike--to the point where the neighbor said "just take the f***ing bike and bring it back tomorrow!" Babysitter A will get lots of coddling when next we meet.

We thought he was better and that it was just a one-time deal, but then he spewed his breakfast all over the counter.

On the upside a sick Leelo means five fewer trips/appointments for me today.

I think he has one of his standard 24 hour barf bugs. Hopefully it's not communicable.

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