One benefit of Leelo being my son besides his extreme cuteness and snuggliness: as his primary caregiver I get an exemption from jury duty! Dr. M was more than willing to fill out the medical exemption form for us.

She was also willing to do titers rather than immunizations during his (seven months late) four year check up yesterday. PAMPERS even has a lab on site. I will do the labs next week, though, as the exam was already overstressful for him, even though he agreed to open his mouth by doing his funny face (see picture).

He is 90th percentile for weight and still only 10th for height. I thought he was getting proportionately taller but I guess not--all the boys in his class at Iron Gate must be short. Ah, well, at least he's not below the chart like he used to be.

He has also said "thank you" spontaneously to both me and Seymour within the last 12 hours. Appropriately, within context. He's still slightly ill, though--barfed again yesterday morning.

Iz is still super-sporty tennis girl this week. Her camp is all goofy fun at this point, but she sure looks cute. For some reason, most of her coaches are from Ma1awi. "The dagger into the heart of Mozambique, eh?" I said to one of them. "Um, we prefer to think of it as The Warm Heart of Africa," he said.

Mali has discovered that she can flap her arms. It is exciting. I have discovered that she will nap for more than 10 minutes, if I put her down in a dark quiet room. Poor bit; there are so few windows for her to get uninterrupted nap time with her siblings' crazy schedules.

Seymour got me a new camera. My very first shot was a picture of Mali:

One week until Hawaii. I am starting to get excited--and fretful about a five-hour plane trip with Leelo and Mali. It will be worth it, though, it will it will!

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