Normally I Am Against Hate Mail

But when some fucker of an adult pays one kid to injure another kid--especially when the victim is autistic or in any other way disabled--then I will be first in line with the vitriol volleys.

Fucking felon. He is lucky that I am unwilling to spend more than two minutes looking for his mailing address.

This is the kind of thing that makes me seriously consider keeping Leelo in a special class or school, once Iron Gate is all done at the end of next year. I remember how cruel kids can be--how evil I myself was--to mainstreamed kids at my public schools. Leelo doesn't need that shit. He can get his non-therapeutic socialization with his sisters' friends, in arranged playgroups, and at the park, etc.

I am already far too willing to swing a battle axe and cleave the skulls of anyone who gives my darling, sweet, clueless son grief for being who he is. Best to reduce the opportunities for vindictive slaughter.

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