Feeling Better

A person cannot remain grouchy after Jo plies one and one's infant daughter with cheescake. Thanks also to Ep who helped Jo watch Iz after camp so I could go home and scowl privately.

Cheering: Seymour and Leelo just spent a good hour playing together purposefully. They made up a game where Leelo goes backwards up the stairs on his butt, declaring "UP!" at every step, "UP AT THE TOP!" on the top step, and then--giggling wildly--"DOWN DOWN DOWN" as he thump/slides on his butt the entire way down.

Seymour was so very good about spending one-on-one time with Leelo tonight. I think it really makes a difference for our boy, who has had it with all the attention paid to Mali.

For her part, Mali has reached that delightful stage of homing in on random tiny floor items and then putting them in her mouth. Things like cat hair tumbledrifts, pens, random dried gook from one's shoe. Who needs nutritional supplements, I ask you? She remains utterly charming.

Apologies to the person who got Iz her subscription to Nat'l Ge0graphic Kids magazine, but I am banning it from our home. The latest issue was 90% advertising tie-ins, and and 10% legitimate content. The ads included a sampler DVD of non-pre-approved kids' shows (yes, I am a media dictator) that Iz had playing before I discovered what was afoot. I love the parent publication; the juvenile branch has sold its soul. I will not support such shenanigans.

Off to Sacramento tomorrow for more Leelo research testing. On the way home, I will stop in Bezerkely and drop off the contract that will officially begin the architectural design phase of our new or reimagined home. Fingers crossed.

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