First weekend day with no schedule for, I dunno, three months?

I spent most of the day hunkering in the office, tidying obsessively and in a manner which makes my zealous efforts transparent to the untrained eye (e.g., all the extra buttons are in their own wee box and I now have a lifetime supply of the tiny zip-loc bags formerly containing said buttons, which is good because I have a thing for them bags).

Iz is wearing a Leelo outfit, because he now wears bigger clothing than her even though he's a head shorter. She will be wearing many of his castoffs to school on Thursday when it starts anew (gack!).

Jo and Badger are at the BlogHer conference and even though I didn't want to go and would have been miserable had I gone, I am still feeling sulky about it. But it reads as though they are having fun and for that I am glad.

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