Just Like All the Other Boys

Today Leelo had his first big boy pee at the side of the road (he was on a walk with Therapist L when it was time for him to use the potty, so she just had him pull down his pants and pee in the bushes). Perhaps peeing standing up is forthcoming!

Today was a tiring day. It's Tuesday, which = panic anyhow (house cleaning). I was still tired from this past week's excessive socializing and gluttonizing, and couldn't summon the energy to get it done. Not that Mali would let me put her down, anyhow.

Plus J the handyman was onsite all day, sanding and sealing off the mold-infested backs of all my bedroom furniture, attempting to install our reverse osmosis purifier under the kitchen sink (didn't work, it may be defective, we still have no cold water in the kitchen sink), replacing the grout/sheetrock in our main bathroom so the adjacent walls will stop turning brown and buckling due to seepage (showers only for bathtub lovers me and the kids for two more days), and bolstering our back deck so Leelo's continuous trampolining won't punch a hole in the rather ancient boards. His work needed much area prep and rearrangement, which worked directly against my tidying agenda.

I took Iz out of tennis camp early today so she could attend Elise's birthday party. Blessings on Supervisor M who sat on Leelo until Therapist L's arrival. The tennis club where Iz goes to camp is on a steep hillside with scattered, overcrowded, and remote parking options. Iz's camp is at the very bottom of the hill, parking is at the top. Plus the staff is not that well organized. I made three circuits of the place just to find her (helpful Scarlett pointed her out near the hill top), then we had to go all the way back to the bottom to get her stuff. As we neared the car, she needed to pee. Back to the bottom, where the bathrooms are. If I'd had to lug Leelo and Mali through that entire ordeal I think I might have had to kill myself.

Lovely, mellow party. My dear Auntie F (my mom's sister, Elise and Danielle's grandmother) was there. We got in a good family gossip. The girls kept Iz for the afternoon.

Mali and I then went back home. The house was far beyond the Not Ready pale. But since Marroqui is a saint, she held and played with Mali for a while so that I could at least clear a path for her to maneuver through.

Seymour stayed late at a work get together, with my blessings. He came home to a very tired wife. We showered the kids and got them into bed, and I tossed Mali at him despite his protests, citing a need to work (i.e., pay bills). Which I actually started doing! But then Leelo started crying and I went in to check on him and he barfed all over me and the carpet.

Ah, Tuesdays. And tomorrow morning I'm working at Iron Gate. Poop.

To bed. Bills can wait another day. Tomorrow, we polka!

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