Mali Notes Because This Is My Only Journal

Mali found her toes for real today. Finally! Still obviously an effort to curl up that short round little body.

New consonant today: G(a). Also two-syllable utterances, e.g., gaga, mama. This is something the MYND folks were asking after so it must be a Significant Milestone. She has been doing "mamamamamama" for at least a week.

Forgot to note that she is a hip-riding baby now. Has been for a month. So convenient for me.

Very social, reaching out for everything and everyone. Also makes shy a lot (hides her face) if the social interaction is too intense.

Definitely engaged. Stares at me intently even when I'm not looking at her; if I then turn around and engage her back, I get instant exclamations of delight. Nice.

Started apples two days ago. She likes them well enough. Eats almost a jar full. She insisted of having some of the avocado from my guacamole last night, and was intrigued. I know we're supposed to wait five days between introducing foods, but how can I refuse my little hungry creature? Apple and avocado allergies are rare, thankfully. It's not as though I gave her strawberries and peanut butter on consecutive days.

She seems really hungry, all the time, and so may need more than one solids feeding a day. Sigh.

Seymour met a woman the other day who didn't introduce solids until her son was 2 1/2. How did she ever produce enough milk? She continued to nurse him until he was five. I don't think I'll be able to stick to it quite that long; I am lazy. (Locals, the woman in question is Mauna's sister Wren.)

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