Smiling Sweetly the Whole Time

Iz and Moomin played some chess today, Iz very pedantically informing Moomin about where all the pieces go and why and rules rules rules. Moomin listened politely at first, but was not thrilled about one player having to lose the game. Iz told Moomin not to worry, that she had set up a move already so that he could capture one of her pieces, see?

Badger and I both overheard her say this, and gawked at each other in amazement. My little jackal, demonstrating kindness? Leelo and an uncharacteristically grumpy Mali commanded my attention for the remainder of the game, which broke down soon after and had its players redirected into Art Time.

During bedtime, I told Iz how proud I was of her for being so nice to Moomin and intentionally letting him win that move.

"Yes," she chirped, "that way my queen could capture his king!"


Seymour feels for Moomin, but pointed out that she now understands how to sacrifice a piece. All well and good as long as a friend's happiness isn't at stake! Perhaps she needs to play chess with Sophie. Or Eliz.

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