Leelo: WTF?

Our boy decided to have a party this morning. From 1:30 to 5 A.M.! He wanted to play, look at books, scratch his wrists and knees, watch Snew White, and complain about feeling icky in general. He was up for anything but sleep.

Seymour and I took him on in shifts, and are both zombified this morning. I am propping myself up with caffeine yet again, much to Seymour's horror. ("But you're so much more pleasant when you're not drinking coffee...")

Why is this happening? Leelo's behavior and language have been disintegrating dramatically over the past two weeks, but this was by far the biggest upset.

He does seem to have some sort of random viral illness. Slight rash (red dots, white halos) that started on his face and has made its way down to his bottom and legs. Sore throat. Yesterday he was extremely lethargic (maybe that qualified as sleeping, for him). I am taking him to the doctor at 2:00, the only available slot (which blotto'd out this afternoon's ABA session, damn it all).

I also let him have some Red Machina juice yesterday afternoon. His diet is so limited that I started worrying (as I often do) about things like scurvy and rickets. RM is a high-omega, B12 & B6 rich, relatively low sugar juice; I figured diaper rash would be the worst possible outcome. Perhaps I erred.

Meanwhile Mali is lying on the ground next to me, yelling "Mama!" It may be coincidence, but I am going to say that she is intentionally calling me because that will cheer me up.

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