Especially if They're Both Hot

My cousin and I went hiking through Woodedge park yesterday (Mali slept through the entire outing). While we were marveling at the wildflowers still merrily blooming everywhere, we got to discussing the tricky issues of fidelity and commitment.

He intends to be faithful to his pregnant girlfriend, but that doesn't mean he wants to marry her. I agree that he shouldn't, because he would only be succumbing to pressure. I've seen too many shotgun marriages implode.

We then got to talking about how monogamy doesn't work for everyone--nor should it. I mentioned that one of my friends has both a husband and a girlfriend, openly.

He said he'd be jealous if his girlfriend had another boyfriend, but a girlfriend would be cool.

"Especially if you could watch, right?" I snarked.


"You're kidding! You're saying that a girlfriend wouldn't be an equal threat?"

"Well, sort of..."

I'm trying to tread delicately, because I don't want to bash on my very favorite cousin, but wow. My guess is that he hasn't really given the matter much thought. Still, it's been a long time since I've encountered a funky liberal guy with only half-cooked ideas about relationship equality.

I thought about Badger as we bushwhacked our way back to my street's secret park entrance. There were some tall cattail-looking reeds whose heads ejected visible clouds of pollen as we brushed by them. Badger, unless you can hike with a respirator, you and your allergies will need to use the legitimate park entrance until further notice.

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