The Counterfeit Tooth Fairy

Iz totally busted Seymour as he snuck in to put her dollar under her pillow. She played along, though, as you might expect from a girl who is so invested in the process that she pulled her tooth out a bit before it was really ready (lots of blood):

"Mommy! Look, the Tooth Fairy brought me a dollar! Daddy said I just missed her!"

Gazes at gold Sacajawea coin.

"Mommy, is this legal tender here?"

Congrats also to our girl for persevering and filling out that really huge sticker chart (about 80 individual tasks, probably way too huge) and finally getting her spin art kit today. She's since been trying out every conceivable type of paint, pencil, crayon, and pen on it. Merlin has been joining in, too, with lovely results.

And oh, yeah, she finishes first grade in four days. How is that possible?

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