Leelo: WTF, Again

Leelo slept for the entire night. He woke up at a reasonable hour (7 A.M.), and has suddenly reverted to Excellent Leelo, with the good eye contact even at close range and when initiated by me, and all sorts of spontaneous requests: "I want veggie booty! I want smoothie! I want the cat! I want Pat!" Four things he hasn't asked for in weeks. He's been following poor Pat around all morning.

Yesterday he ate almost nothing. A little bit of powrr roll, a little bit of his whole wheat croissant. That was it. Now I am afraid to give him anything to eat, because what if it was a day free from something we normally give him that has given me my Leelo back this morning? Isn't this fucking autism crap-shoot fun?

We had Dr. L yesterday rather than Dr. M, as the latter doesn't work on Fridays. Dr. L was even cooler than Dr. M, and will be moving even closer to us when PAMPERS opens up a Deadwood clinic in August. I believe we will move with her.

Dr. L said that rashes are the bane of a pediatrician's existence, and that they don't know definitively what eighty percent of them are. Her thoughts: random viral illness (given the other symptoms), chickenpox (unlikely, though, he's been vaccinated), folliculitis from going in the hot tub at the hotel this past weekend.

In all cases it's the symptoms we treat, so it doesn't matter what the cause is. Leelo had an Aveeeno bath last night, and is supposed to get some Baanadryl this morning. I'm going to check his rash before dosing him, though (the rash is hidden by his footie jammies), and if he's better then I certainly am not going to fuck with his wonderful lucid state by giving him medication.

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