My Real Boy Is Different Than Yours

I am now at the point where Autism Recovery Stories just piss me off.

The latest offender is Kristina Adjama's A Rea1 Boy, which spins the tale of her son's recovery through intensive GFCF, etc. and all possible ABA/Speech therapies.

What twists my panties about these stories is not my crippling jealousy; it is the way in which they are invariably presented:

This Parent Saved Her Child From Autism by Devoting Every Atom of Her Being to His Recovery!

My anger stems not from my being an autism slacker mom who juggles her atoms between three kids* rather than focusing a particle beam on the one. No. What makes me want to gnaw on a fresh raw publicist's head is knowing of so many parents who did, and do, exactly what the recovered kid's parents did, with the same amount of energy and focus--but without the miraculous result.

Where are their book deals?


*Three kids! Three! Jo, can you believe it?

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