How to Feel Like a Complete Asshole

I just checked my blog email account. I don't do that very often because, realistically, not that many people read my blog, so who would be writing to me anyhow?

Well, it turns out that Kristina Adjama would. She wrote me a very kind, supportive email--two days before I wrote the bitchy Real Boy post about her book's publicity. I am posting my reply, in case her email habits approximate mine:
Holy shit Kristina,

I just spewed vitriol all over the publicity about your book last night--before I got your email. I was out of town for the weekend and didn't see your message until just now (I check this address infrequently).

I hope it came through in my posting that I was not trashing you or your efforts. I am, however, extremely jealous about your son's recovery, as well as royally annoyed at the lack of counterbalancing stories regarding children who did and do not recover despite their parents' similar efforts. (I do not consider myself to be one of those autism super-parents, by the way. I would describe our efforts as middling, in comparison.)

Again, congratulations on your son's recovery. I wish it was contagious.

I will now go retreat into a corner until my face turns a less violent shade of red.


People I don't know personally are supposed to be theoretical, goddammit!

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