Potty Progress

Leelo has had three loopy days in a row, following that fantastic Fathers Day. Oh well. It's probably due to yeast die off, or the snuffly nose/post nasal drip that kept him and fellow light sleeper Seymour up from 1 to 3 A.M. while the rest of us snoozed on obliviously.

There's goodness underneath that crappy surface, though, because yesterday he showed voluntary bladder control for the first time!

Supervisor M and Babysitter A (the latter subbing for Therapist S) got him to pee on cue yesterday, several times. Supervisor M got him to do it again for me today, and it was absolutely clear that he can "push" the pee out, though he will only do so in exchange for a potato chip.

He may not choose to demonstrate bladder control in the future, and he may not want to do it without being bribed, but at least we know that he can control it. Am I being brazen in daring to suppose that he might cast off his diapers?

I still shudder to think of Iz's hellish potty training. What I should be remembering, though, is that it sucked because we started before she demonstrated readiness, because I wanted her out of my and Baby Leelo's hair and in preschool. Once Iz herself was truly ready to use the potty, her accidents ceased, suddenly and entirely, even at night. I can only hope that Leelo is on the way to a similar bladder epiphany.

Leelo and I have much to celebrate, so I will not focus on his absolutely crap eye contact, or inappropriate squinting. His OT may have an opinion on the latter. Perhaps he is a candidate for vision therapy.

Also: we have a consultation with the Stanffford sleep clinic folks in six weeks. He is such a crappy sleeper, and he did have an irregular EEG while sleeping, so I think some further investigation is in order. If he is one of those kids who never reaches REM sleep, that would be a good thing to know.

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