Damn Wackiness

Things are beyond crazy. Mostly in a good way, but a person can drown in nectar. Much Rosenberg-initiated/hosted partying will be going down this next week, including our 10th anniversary of wedded bliss.

When is our life going to slow down enough that we can enjoy being part of it? Probably when the kids move out, I'm guessing. Which, I just realized with one of those crisp mental *ping*s, will be four years later than I'd envisioned owing to the appearance of Mali. (And assuming many things about Leelo.)

The class lists for Esperanza were posted yesterday, but we were out of town so I checked them out this morning. Surprisingly, Iz's class contains not a single one of her friends, and only three former classmates (out of twenty).

It appears that her class is the one with the new teacher, the one in which they placed all the children whose parents did not agitate for the other two, known quantity teachers. There is exactly one child with a non-Iberian last name in her class (and no, that is not Iz), whereas the non-Iberian surname level runs about 30% to 40% in other classes. Lots to mull about re: cultural attitudes towards pushiness in education.

The optimist in me suspects that they grouped all the best Spanish speakers together. I am hoping the new maestra is a stealth ass-kicking phenomenon and that all the other parents will wish they had her. We'll see how things go.

Anyhow, things are nuts as hell. Two days ago: took all three kids to Leelo's 8 A.M. offsite OT session only to be told that our appointment had been cancelled. Took off for Leelo's 9:30 intake appointment with the Stanffford sleep clinic only to glance at the paperwork and realize it was a three hour rather than 45 minute appointment. Thankfully Badger was open to taking our girl for the duration so I wouldn't have to wrangle three screaming kids (Leelo loooooves those hospital environments, oh yes). And then something else happened but I can't remember what it was.

Yesterday we all five went to the MYND Institute in Sac'to for Leelo's final appointment with the Imitation/Regression study folks. While we were there I contacted the Infant Siblings folks because I had remembered them wanting to do measurements of some kind on all Leelo's family members and--hey--we were all there. I thought they wanted to get head circumferences, but it turns out that they wanted our blood. Not good news for phleboto-phobic Seymour, but he did it anyhow. As did Iz, who thought the whole process was pretty cool.

On the way back we stopped at Ambah's family's ranchito outside of Napa, where we frolicked in streams and ponds and with horses and dragonflies and goldeneyes and frogs. I cannot convey the distilled honey magic of the extended afternoon because Leelo has been screaming/avoiding bedtime/waking up his baby sister for the last two hours.

And there's more but as usual I am mentally in bed already.

Amusing: After dinner, Iz wanted Seymour to pull her around in the wagon. Seymour said no, he was tired, but maybe he would if she let him spank her 20 times. Iz said, "fine!" I guess we failed to estimate the lure of the little red ride-in wagon.

Iz and Leelo have both had enormous growth spurts. Huge! Both are usually slow growers that stay in one size for 12-18 months, but almost none of Iz's school clothes from last year fit her. This I discovered when trying to pick out an outfit for tomorrow's first day of school, so I guess I'll be cruising Elder Indigo in the morning.

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