Off, Yet Again

Had to upload this Iz picture in celebration of the sheer joyousness of dolphin-kissing.

Seymour, Mali, and I are off to Roint Peyes for the weekend. Anyone who's sticking around, please take pity, call my folks at my house, and let your kids come play with Iz. Otherwise her social jonesing is going to drive my parents to several different crazy towns. That girl needs her playdate fixes.

Iz wanted me to ask the Powers That Be: If a (HP) basilisk was born blind, would its gaze still kill you? I tend to think not, as the intention would be absent. But I said I'd ask.

More cheering: This morning Leelo asked Seymour to "Put down the telephone, Daddy." Also Mali is saying "Hi!" and waving.

Yesterday was one of the very worst days of my life. No exaggeration. Still can't write about it. Everyone is hale and happy, so don't worry. I, however, am still in short-term PTSD land. Hopefully a good 11 mile hike to T0males Point will take care of the jitters, and allow my brain to reintegrate itself.

Have a great weekend, all.

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