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Iz's first ever English reading/writing assignment came back today. It appears the maestra is having them write out sentences with the words of their choice at the end. Here is what Iz wrote:

I am at school
. (I can just see her rolling her eyes)
I am feeling very jealous. (Someone else got a gold star that day)
I know how to read. (And she is doing it whenever the teacher isn't looking)

The second page featured two women, one princess-like, and one witch-like, having a conversation. The kids were supposed to write what they were saying to each other, as in "How are you?" and "I am fine."

Iz's princess said, "I would like some free time please," and her witch said, "Okay, on the double."

Iz said her English teacher was surprised but pleased about her reading HP. I am surprised but annoyed that so many teachers act like each gifted reader is the first one they've ever encountered in their career. But then again I am relying on hearsay from a six-year-old. I will eventually go see the teacher and ask what her game plan is, though I do know that they were evaluating all the students' English abilities and grouping them accordingly.

Iz's main teacher is wonderful and beautiful and defintely the best 2nd grade teacher at the school, let me tell you.

Whoops, I am late to go pick up the girl in question.

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