Funny Girl

I dare you to try and rip Iz's copy of HP and the S0rcerer's St0ne out of her hands.

The thing that really brings a wry twisty grin to my lips is the fact that she refused to read my copy. Mine (Canadian edition) was unnacceptable because of the "Phil0sopher's" title, she didn't like the typesetting, and she prefers the American editions' illustrations.

Her approach to the series so far has been to watch the currently available first three movies, scan HP III for inconsistencies re: that movie (but not actually read it), start HP IV but get irritated because we have the hardcover version and it's "too heavy," and then go back to the first book. But not mine. Her own.

I figure I'm willing to buy another copy of the first one if that's what it takes to get her into it. She can read my copy for #2, though.

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