Cloak of Invisibility

Wish I had one. Too much going on. So much so that yesterday I fell asleep while nursing Mali to sleep--at 8:00 P.M. I didn't wake up until this morning.

Disjointedly, as always:

Mali and Leelo are both very fussy and needy, physically. Both want me to hold them all the time, neither likes being in a stroller, both are delighting in impromptu wrestling matches. That means sucking it up for perpetual receiver of the stick's short end Mali, as I can only do a piledriver on one of them at a time. Our youngest will henceforth be known as Stroller Girl. This is based on my experience yesterday in trying to cajole/drag a sobbing Leelo (he wanted his daddy) from the car into his 2nd floor speech therapy appointment with Therapist A while holding Mali on my hip. I am hoping that my back makes it through this period.

Plus Leelo now loves loves loves sliding/slamming the closet doors in our bedroom. I can't keep the bedroom door closed as that will make Scabby the cat (who hides there all day long) think that we're trapping her, and she'll pee on the bed within minutes. Also this is the room where Mali naps, but that is no longer safe what with the prospect of her brother steamrolling her at any moment, or her rolling off the bed herself. I must figure out other arrangements.

I think I need to learn to say no, as I am now both the English-speaking class mom for Iz's homeroom, as well as the Friday morning take-home reading parent/monitor. The latest Iron Gate newsletter did not have me listed as class reporter (I bowed out, but then felt guilty and told the new president I'd do it if no one else would) so maybe I can still worm out of that one.

Yesterday was a music class fest. I signed Mali up for a baby songs class that I anticipate will fill her with delight and me with despair, as she will rock out to any tune but I am several years past done with infant-themed anything. (In fact overhearing baby- or toddler-speak coming from adult mouths is a good quick way for me to test how well I rein in my homicidal impulses.) I also finally signed Iz up for the piano lessons she'd been yammering about since last year. This means she'll have yoga and music weekly. I will monitor her closely for signs of overload.

Our weekly daytime fall schedule will be quite the festival of coordination. If we keep Leelo's OT session on Monday mornings, giving him a short (9:30 - 12:00) ABA session on those days, then that session will be my longest weekly stretch of uninterrupted, non-class, non-shuttling time. Hmmm.


Meanwhile in related news, Iz finished HP 1 yesterday. She was musing that it took her a long time to read--a whole week--but then perked up when I reminded her that she'd read 15 or 20 Cap'n Underpants, Joonie (crap crap crap), Marvin Redp0st, Spanish books, and magazines during that same week. Plus she finished her homework several days early.

That girl needs to find more some crazy free-thinking friends at Esperanza, friends who are interested in science and HP and chindogu and all that crap. Friends who think integers are funny.

Merlin and Moomin and Sophie and Eliz are all wonderful in the ways she needs, but none of them go to school with her. She comes home each day talking about what football team she "goes" for, and such crap. No peer intellectual stimulation. I will not leave here there next year if she doesn't find soulmates, and soon.

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