Penguins and Potions

I never thought Iz was much for pretend play, but lately she is having quite the life of make-believe.

My mom took our girl to see March of the Penguins while we were away this past weekend. Apparently Iz spent the next 24 hours intensively practicing good penguin mothering techniques with Leelo's stuffed penguin chick puppet.

By the time we returned, though, she had tired of the caretaking. (Don't we all.) The last I saw of the penguin chick was when she allowed Merlin to strap it into a play baby car seat on a toddler ride-on car--and shoot it off the upper deck of the backyard fort, six feet into the air. Nice precedent for their future children (Iz and Merlin have recently entered into a verbal agreement to wed).

Also apparently, Professor Snape gave a class in potion making at her school today. They only did pretend potions because they aren't Hogwarts age yet, plus they don't have cauldrons. Everyone's favorite potions master was "nicer than you would think."

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