I'll Tell You What You Can Do With That Cup

Recently an author friend forwarded me a query from one of her friends, who is arranging a Cup of C0mf0rt anthology for parents of autistic children. My friend--whom I've not told about this blog--thought I might be interested in submitting an essay. I wrote back and said Thanks but Hell No.

Given the almost-daily dribble that occurs in this space, my refusal to write about being Leelo's mom might seem silly. But I don't blog to comfort anyone. I do so to record, and to share information. And vent. And curse.



CoC is a wonderful idea but I doubt I'd have anything to contribute. While things are great right now (Leelo is in a fantastic phase), I doubt I'd be able to summon up an entire essay's worth of cheer. We love Leelo and he is a wonderful, delightful boy, but his condition is still mostly a source of depression and anxiety for me.

Also, autistic kids are so different from each other. I'd be hesitant to share my warm fuzzy moments as they might make another parent feel worse. Kind of like a H0dgkins Lymph0ma patient giving advice to a person with advanced pancreatic cancer. Same conditions on the surface, vastly different experiences.

I've no doubt your friend will find plenty of strong parents who can pull happy nuggets of wisdom out of their butts to cheer up people like me.

Thanks and Take Care,


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