Fluttering By

So many visitors this week! And all amazing people. Truly. I do not befriend bores, soporific though I myself may be.

The Little Flower is here through Sunday. Iz is ecstatic, because "TLF is my very best friend who is an adult." This means that TLF, bless her, gives Iz great big gobs of undivided attention, and lets our girl get away with murder. Iz got permission to crawl into TLF's bed tonight, and is sleeping with her as I type--a copy of El Capitan Calzoncillos tucked snugly under her arm.

Twister was a wonder as usual. I feel bad about dragging him and TLF through my dull yet overly busy morning, but they were good sports. I am grateful that Ep, Jo, and Badger took time out of their mornings to come meet my favorite diving coach/teacher of deaf children/tower of personality.

TLF is very excited about getting to eat at the cafe three times this week, and is planning a gastronomic hit parade of all her favorite dishes. I will do my best to keep up. Very exciting to hear about her and Floyd's impending move to San Diego, and the new business that she'll be starting. I will not reveal her current place of employ, but suffice it to say that they are stupid fucks for letting her slip away, because they'll never find a more creative or multitalented employee. Never.

Tomorrow I am yanking Iz out of school early and canceling Leelo's one afternoon appointment, and taking all the kids plus TLF and in-town-for-the-day Ambah to the zoo. I will not forget sweaters. Ambah is a Dr. Doolittle type with animals, I can't imagine what kind of afternoon awaits.

We fudged with Iz's school schedule this morning as well, as the pupa that she and Seymour have been tending ever since its caterpillar was rice-grain-sized burst open just as Iz was supposed to go off to school. We kept her home until the butterfly's wings were completely unfurled, because what school lesson could possibly compare? She then proudly marched in her pupa-shell-on-a-stick to show to her classmates.

Mali update quickly: She is frustrated as hell about not crawling yet, even though by a combination of lurch-and-drop, rolling, and combat crawling she manages to get wherever she wants, speedily. Often she strands herself completely upright on her hands and feet, in quadruped position. That is followed by more yelling. Occasionally she will work herself into a sitting position from the ground.

She is cute and very observant and social social social. Also easily bored. She will pore over just about any object you give her, for extended periods. She is a destructinator, and has a sixth sense for locating small fragile or paper items in her vicinity. She prefers real food to baby gloop, but is over avocados. We still don't know who she looks like.

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