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My parents are here at the same time as Jo's. We should have arranged a playdate!

I am off to Sac'to tomorrow for the very last MYND Institute trip until November. Though this is for a Leelo study, Leelo doesn't have to come (Mali still comes everywhere with me). They'll be interviewing me, instead, for two-three hours. Of course my printer barfed, and barred me from printing out the Leelo Infant Journals I'd spent all evening purging of cursewords, and was counting on referencing during the interview. I've transferred them to my Palm, but that's not nearly as convenient as paper.

Reviewing the journals, as always, has me freaked about Mali. She isn't using "mama" any more, instead has gone back to the single-syllable "deh" for everything. Her physical milestones are much more Leelo-like than Iz-like, for instance she hasn't bothered figuring out how to pull herself up on anything yet. Not that we've anything appropriate for her to do it on, crib-free girl that she is. Also I think her eyes are starting to change color. TLF thinks they'll be green.

Leelo continues with the great words and usage today. The stand out for me was:
S: "Leelo, what color is your shirt?"
L: (looks down at shirt) "The shirt is yellow."
S: "and....?"
L: (looks down at shirt again) "blue!"
The observation upon request and the identifying something as having more than one color (correctly) are both things that haven't clicked before. At all.

Forgot to mention how cute Iz was this weekend, insisting on wearing full H0gwarts gear to accompany TLF and me on Saturday's pre-party errands. (She sported my old black high school grad gown, a white shirt, a Seymour tie that TLF thankfully knew how to knot, and a magic wand which according to her contained unicorn hair although the wand was broken and some of the hair was sticking out.) She spent almost all her car time muttering "Wingardium Leviosa!" and other charms, worrying about whether or not she was a mugg1e, and being assured by us that many legitimate wizards had no idea of their magical abilities until well past age six.

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