Amusing, Cheering

Iz, tattling on Grandma: "...and she wouldn't let me read The G0blet of Fire in bed with my flashlight!" Whoops, forgot to tell my mom that bedtime flashlight reading has been approved as long as it doesn't keep Leelo up. My mom told me afterwards that Iz had responded to almost every request by saying, "Well, that's not how we do things in THIS family."

Iz's maestra, pulling me aside: "Did you know that Isobel gave an entire lecture about her Caterpillar turning into a butterfly, in Spanish? She even used all the correct scientific terms. We are going to have to keep an eye on her, and make sure we take time to do these kinds of things with her more often!" I am so glad Iz got the new teacher!

Leelo, watching Panda G0 Panda for the upteenth time: When Mimiko did her happy Y-shaped handstand, Leelo tried to do it too!

This morning when I asked him "How are you?" he said, "I'm fine, Mommy," in a totally natural voice. Very different from the rote "ImFineThankYou" response we normally get.

Also this morning he came to get Seymour, obviously wanting help with something. He haltingly worked out the sentence, "I need help...to...close." When Seymour went over to where Leelo indicated, he saw that our boy was having trouble getting a toy bin back on the shelf. Go Leelo's brain cogs!

Mali is not the same baby as her siblings. She gets into everything. Yesterday I put her down for a minute, turned around, and found that she'd gotten herself over to my sock drawer somehow and was busily emptying it. Yesterday at the park concert she did the same with a whole bowl of raspberries. Her siblings never got into anything. Shee-it.

She is such a smiley, happy, flirty baby. I Love Her So Much! ***Starts crying hysterically***

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