"It" revealed


Squid asked me to interject, as I remembered what "it" was and she is now officially too tired to type.

Big breakthough in potty training! Two days ago Leelo was fidgeting about in bed, grabbing at his diaper and looking generally unconfortable. I asked him if he was going poo-poo and he said "want to go poo-poo." I checked his diaper and it appeared to be a false alarm. Yawn. Tucked him in and a couple minutes later he was at it again, saying "want to go poo-poo Daddy." It then dawned on me he was *actually asking to go sit on the toilet* instead of dropping one in his diaper. Sounded too good to be true, but ever the optimist off I went with the boy, and I'll be danged if he didn't produce #1 and #2 on command. Back to your regularly scheduled program....

-- Seymour


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