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Today is Seymour's official 36th. We will celebrate by going to the last park concert of the year, and hoping the local set can join us.

Yesterday's trip to Sac'to was tolerable. Mali slept the whole way, and there was no traffic, which made me realize that--sans diaper changes or nursing breaks--the drive can reasonably be made in two hours. Plus there are many drive-through coffee establishments along the way.

The session consisted of a developmental psychologist interviewing me about Leelo's development since infancy, and then during this past year. I had reviewed all of my Leelo journals (pre-blog, you must understand, not quite the same elephant-load of material) and so had all the answers verfied and on the ready. Plus I put all those journals on my Pa1m so I was able to consult them as needed. We will be sent a summary of the interview/survey results.

Mali played nicely on the floor most of the time. The psychologist was very kind and kept making comforting, reassuring comments such as, "Did you see that, she noticed the cart rolling by outside," or, "she has really good control of her hands." Not all evaluators who work with autistic kids' families are this sensitive and thoughtful (shocking but true, though I must say all the MYND Institute people have been incredibly pleasant).

Stopped at Ambah's on the way back for lunch and a hike around her parents' 20 acre oaken woodland. She talked to me about the visions she has for her own house (which her folks are cool with), the four or five potential building sites that balance her her need for privacy with views, and the desire to have a partially subterranean design. Also how much she's enjoying the way her current law practice gives her afternoons free to "tend" her absentee neigbor's horses (i.e., ride bareback for hours like a fantasy novel heroine).

Ambah's folks minded Mali during the hike. They've got to scratch that wanna-be-grandparent itch somehow. Though Ambah is working on it, suspects things might be real with new beau Tracy.

Got home to a nice home-cooked meal courtesy of my mom. Not a bad day at all.

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